How are the labels applied?






The labels can be applied on all types of new as well as used cars. Just let us know about your car make and model, and we will promptly send you a price estimate and comprehensive information about how we will proceed and how much time the procedure will take.

Depending on the size, type and selected car label, we will estimate the time needed to apply the label on your car. It can take from several hours - only partial label - to several days - in case a special label is applied.

A small car, or a motorcycle you use for your shopping or commuting will take less than an off-road vehicle.

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Professional and trained staff

Prompt response

Long guarantee period

Many years of experience

A wide range of colours and styles

Quantity discounts

Easy and fast change of your car colour

Protection and preservation of your original car finish

Labels can be easily removed

Much cheaper than new finish

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? What are the benefits of labelling?

The main reason for people to label their cars is that they want to change their car colour, or want to get an original look. The benefits are as follows: You can choose from a wide range of colours. Labelling your car will meet your expectations, will protect your car finish from wear and tear and enable you to easily remove the label and restore the original condition of your car without harming its value.

? How long will the label last?

Professionally applied label will last minimum 3 years, guaranteed colour stability is 5 years.

? Is the overall car label easily removed?

We use top quality foils that can be easily removed within 3 years of foil application at the latest.

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